Pro Safe Style Garage Door

Safety and durability without breaking your budget

Hörmann Pro Safe 2100 (previously marketed as Gemini 2100) garage door offers all the choices, safety and durability without breaking your budget. Economical, yet the Pro Safe features FingerGuard™ pinch resistant section joints, nine available colors with steel thickness of 25 ga. (.019” min). The optional polystyrene insulation with vinyl backcover (R-Value of 7.4) offer a sensible solution in energy savings.

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Therma Tech Garage Door,
Deco Safe Style Garage Door,

Special Features

FingerGuard™ Pinch Resistant

The FingerGuard™ section joint and hinges provide air-tight seal and prevent finger injuries inside and outside.

Pro Safe Style Garage Door,

White 11 Ball Bearing Nylon Rollers

Hörmann nylon rollers feature 11 pre-lubed ball bearings encased in a high strength steel casing that provides a quiet ride and years of reliable service.

Between Section & Side Seals

Factory installed between section weather seal and side seal offer maximum protection from the outside elements while further enhancing the insulation properties of a door.