Classic Safe Style Garage Door

Exceptional Choice for Contemporary Homes

The Hörmann Classic Safe 7200 (previously marketed as Solaris 7200) garage door provides  a modern look and maximizes the natural light in any garage.  The 1¾” thick high quality glazing frames in anodized aluminum and wide range of design options have proven a winning combination designed for strength and durability.

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Deco Safe Style Garage Door,

Special Features

FingerGuard™ Pinch Resistant

The FingerGuard™ section joint and hinges provide air-tight seal and prevent finger injuries inside and outside.

Pro Safe Style Garage Door,

Top weather seal (Optional)

Hörmann’s optional top weather seal is made of high quality material to provide an extra peace of mind.

Between Section & Glazing Seals

Factory installed between section weather seal and glazing seal offer maximum protection from the outside elements while further enhancing the insulation properties of a door.